COVID-19 Update

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, to be legal and safe to re-open, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) has approved the robust policies and procedures and risk assessments. 

COVID-19 Policy

Jill Best Aesthetics Ltd. 10th June 2020 review ongoing COVID 19 Emergency Infection Control Policy Version Three

COVID 19 Policy
June 2020

COVID 19 (Corona Virus) COVID 19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has since spread globally resulting in the ongoing 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.

Common symptoms include but are not exclusive, fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath and loss of taste/smell. While the majority of cases result in mild symptoms, some progress to viral pneumonia, multi-organ failure, or cytokine storm. Most concerning symptoms include difficulty breathing, persistent chest pain, confusion, difficulty walking, and bluish skin. The time from exposure to onset of symptoms is typically around five days but may range from two to fourteen days.

The virus is primarily spread between people during close contact, often via small droplets produced by coughing and sneezing, or talking. People can also be infected by touching contaminated surfaces and then their faces. The virus can survive up to 72 hours on some surfaces. It is most contagious during the first three days after the onset of symptoms, although can be contagious at any time throughout the illness.

Recommended measures to prevent infection include frequent hand washing, maintaining physical distance from others, covering coughs and not touching the face.

Social distancing, is a means of physical distancing from others to slow the spread of infection.  It is important to stay at least two meters away from others, particularly when in their company for more than 15 minutes.  The more contact you have with an infected person, the more likely you are to catch the infection yourself.  The goal is to reduce the spread of infection to help reduce the pressure on healthcare services.

Jill Best Aesthetics regularly logs into, the content of this site has extensive coronavirus information and regular government updates.

There is currently at time of writing no vaccine or specific medical treatment for COVID 19. Management involves initial patient isolation, treatment of symptoms, and hospital admission if symptoms worsen.

As such if patients wish to attend JBA for facial injectable treatments as guided by government, procedures have been put in place to reduce/avoid the risk of infection as guided by the above information in addition to:-National Infection Prevention and Control Manual also available at JBA. Patients will be immediately assessed for risk on arrival at JBA. If you or a member of your family suspect that you have COVID 19 symptoms you must follow current isolation guidelines.

Additional Requirements for Patients/JBA Prior to Arrival at Clinic following COVID 19 outbreak

You will be contacted by telephone/text by JBA one day before appointment or the morning of appointment and will be asked specific COVID 19 related questions in addition to your treatment consultation, if necessary a video consultation will take place prior to attending the clinic. A second questionnaire will be completed on your arrival at the clinic.

Patient Requirements Arrival at Clinic

  1. Arrive promptly for your pre-arranged appointment time.
  2. Arrive alone for your appointment.
  3. You will be required to wear a facial mask/covering which can be provided if necessary (limited supply).
  4. You will be required to sanitise your hands with HIBISOL.
  5. Jill will take your temperature using a digital non-contact device.
  6. You will be asked to complete a second pre-treatment form, this will take place in the entrance hall prior to entering the clinic area.

If JBA is satisfied that any risk to you and herself is as minimal as practically possible only then will you be asked to enter the treatment room, where treatment will take place. Please be aware that a dynamic risk assessment will be carried out on arrival at the clinic. If JBA suspects COVID 19 you will be advised to call 111 and self-isolate, and follow SCOTGOV guidelines, and your treatment will not be carried out at that time.

JBA has established infection control systems in place based on the Standard of Infection Control Precautions Policy within Health Protection Scotland’s National Infection Prevention and Control Manual. Please refer to Infection Control Policy Statement for details.

All current infection control measures will continue as before with addition of the extra precautions set out in this COVID policy.

Be assured that at all times JBA will practice safe management and care of the environment. Appropriate ventilation is available via clinic/hall open windows.

All surfaces are free from non-essential items and well maintained and good state of repair. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with

disinfectant/detergent and/or medical grade chlorhexidine prior and following each patients attendance at the clinic. This includes the entrance hall, banister and light switches/door handles, anywhere infection droplets are likely to land.

All products used for treatments are single use and disposed of as per national guidelines.

All appointments are pre-arranged with an hour between each patient to give appropriate time for above cleaning.

As the nature of treatment requires close facial contact, in addition to patients wearing protective facial masks, JBA will wear a respirator mask, full facial visor, apron and gloves (single use between patients).

Following your treatment JBA will contact you ensuring all is well and you continue to have no COVID 19 symptoms.

This policy is only effective if both JBA and you are open and honest about potential infection with COVID 19.  At all times JBA will monitor the government guidelines for COVID 19 and adhere to and/or change as and when legally required to do so.